Nicky Vankets
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In 2004, Nicky won "World's top designer" at the Miss World election for the dress he made for Ellen Petri. Petra de Groodt, another Belgian model, was given a similar price for his designs at the Model of the Universe competition.

In 2005, the Belgian Government commissioned Nicky to open the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week and that same year he had the opportunity to create one of the most expensive gowns in the world for "De Nacht van Exclusief". For this exclusive event, Nicky created the famous spider dress, designed around a spider web holding 2,476 diamonds, worth more than 1.5 million Euros.

Because of his previous success, the organisation of "De Nacht van Exclusief" approached him again
in 2006 to design another gown that captured the splendor of the exclusive event. Ellen Petri wore the resulting dress, embellished with black and naturally coloured diamonds and referring to a masked ball.
Also in 2006, Nicky designed a red and gold dress for one of the original and greatest divas in the world, Barbie.

In 2007, Nicky again designed the eyecather dress for the "Nacht van Exclusief", holding more than
6,000 coloured pearls and over 16 yards of pure silk, inspired by the roaring twenties. The same year, Disneyland Paris asked Nicky, along with other designers, to restyle their famous princesses in an effort to raise money for Unicef. Nicky's Cinderella dress was sold at an auction at Christie's in Paris and raised more than 15,000 Euros for Unicef, the highest amount of all the designs. When Kim Clijsters, one of the top tennis players in the world asked him to design her wedding dress,
Nicky Vankets' name was suddenly in the world press. He designed the garmets for the entire bridal
party, both male and female.

2008 opened with something nobody expected, as Nicky was asked by car manufacturer Nissan
to restyle their Micra model into the must-have fashion accessory for women. The press headlines all
screamed: "Nicky Vankets opens the International Brussels Car Show 2008". Miss Belgium 2008 Alizee Poulicek made headlines in Vietnam with her famous Belgian specialty "mussels and fries" - dress when she walked onto the Miss Universe stage.

In 2009 Nicky realized his longtime dream and opened his first flagship store in the fashionable shopping city of Hasselt, Belgium. One year later, he did the same in Belgium's fashion capital Antwerp.